Samsung Galaxy S3 – Software Update Verizon 10-23-12


This morning at 7:25 a.m., a moment that many of us patiently wait for, my Samsung Galaxy S3 received another software update from Verizon.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Verizon Software Update 10-23-12

Samsung Galaxy S3 for Verizon Software Update 10-23-12

Never have I been more excited to see an update message.  At last that awful clipboard copy/paste bug will be gone.  Will we finally get Google Wallet as yesterday’s foreshadowing from Google Wallet wait list signup predicted?

But I know what you’re all waiting to hear.  Is Jelly Bean finally here for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3?


No. Not even a little.

Clipboard problem on Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

Clipboard problem on Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3, still there.

According to Verizon’s software update log on their site, the update is said to increase device stability in the Play store, reduce device resets, and add enhanced zooming features on the web and in our e-mail.

Don’t get too excited about those improvements either, I checked the GMail app and there’s still no zooming on e-mails there.  Also the clipboard bug still isn’t fixed, I tried it and it promptly crashed Chrome.  It didn’t work on my messages or anywhere else copying/cutting something into my clipboard from.  I haven’t had a single device reset needed or any stability issues on the Google Play store that I can think of, but if any one else out there has, mazal tov.

As for me, I’m gonna have to go to class with no new toy to play with, no copy pasting (which is really DESTROYING my functionality on my phone), and just a little less hope for tomorrow.

Next time there’s an update I’ll cover it immediately and I really hope it’s what I’ve been hoping for.  Until then, take care.



Verizon System Update for Galaxy S3 Page:

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